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Greg Dean: Music

The Prey

(Greg Dean)
The Prey

I’m staring at the morning sun stretch across the floor
Showing me the cracks that I had never seen before
My head is spinning eighty times faster than the earth
And I think I’m finally smart enough to estimate the worth
Of every night and all the pain I’ve stood and watched you feel
Listening to me patiently reinvent the wheel

And this is the truth
But its more than I can say
that if you didn’t tie me down
Then I would surely blow away
And its you
Who keeps the wolves at bay
and if you didn’t tether me to you
then I would be the prey

my faith is fixed and you are my firmament above
I navigate the obstacles forever looking up
And when I’m all alone I turn to try and make you laugh
And it makes me think if you were gone then I would surely pass
Like elephants that walk in search of bones across the plain
We belong together like the thunder and the rain

greg dean 2002 ASCAP