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Greg Dean: Music

Don't Leave Tonight

(Greg Dean)
First live-band-style recording in my new home studio, "The Cement Boat". It's just myself and Tim Seiffert. Got a decent sound as fast as possible. We had 7 or 8 sessions for a half dozen drum tracks because I was just starting the first semeseter of the teaching credential program at San Jose State.
Much like we recorded "These Pages, This Story", all of the songs were completely written with live acoustic guide tracks recorded with a click track. Tim came in and recorded his drums to the live acoustic guide tracks and click. An interesting sound that can really be heard on "Don't Leave Tonight" is the CB mic that I used. I took apart an old CB of my grandpa Hal's. He loved the CB but that's another story entirely. I wired the CB handset to a mic cable and placed it at the far end of the room for color. On the aforementioned song I used Tim's 3rd take as the keeper but I left the CB mic from the first 2 takes as an effect. It really sounds amazing on some of the fills. It's testament to what a fantastic drummer Tim Seiffert really is when you listen to the consistency with his phrasing and color between the 3 different takes. They are different but they were so close that all three could be blended with incredible results. Thanks Tim!